Dank Der Patentierten, Weichen Und Extrem Dunnen Konzeption Mit Der Epithelium Flex-Technologie Passt Sich Die Korrekturschiene Leicht In Allen Schuhen An.

Then, wellconsider whether these claims are simplytoo good to be true. First Claim: Protection Bunion sufferersknow all about the friction this deformity createsinsidea shoe. Friction creates heat, tissue breakdown and blisters making an already painful condition worse. We give the Bunion Bootie an A+ forprotection. This bootie is sleek enough to beworn under a sock providing an additional.4mm layer of protection againstfriction. Love it! Second Claim: Straighten Bunionsare a sign your foot is not properly handling the stress of your body weight and gravity while standing. This means, unless the proposed arthritis treatment canimprove the wayyour foot handles gravity, is has ZERO potential to straighten the valgus stress responsible for your bunion deformity long-term. According to the manufacturer, By anchoring the Bootie around the ankle, the big toe is gently pulled away from the other toes, often improving balance and restoring a more natural alignment. The Bunion Bootie may certainlyhelp straighten the big toe, but onlywhile seated orlying down. Pointless. As soon as you stand upBAM!

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